An Artificial Living Wall is mounted within a large shelving divider at the center of a conference room or coworking area, adding life and color to an otherwise gray space.

Why Go Artificial

Artificial living walls are amazing for bringing that pop of life and color into a space that might not be optimal for live plants to thrive. Dark offices, homes with primarily North facing windows, and places with ambient lighting are just a few examples where artificial living walls are the perfect fit.

Real plant walls tend not to thrive in environments with less than ideal lighting, and frequently require accessory lighting be installed at the location of the living wall. Not everyone wants bright LEDs in their home or restaurant, disrupting the mellow vibe. This is where artificial living walls shine. Aside from lighting, live plants need real soil and water to grow and maintain their vibrance. Artificial living walls, however, only need a light dusting every now and then to stay looking fresh.

With the appearance of real plants, but none of the required environmental conditions or maintenance, artificial living walls are the perfect solution to cultivating a green space where it may not typically be practical. Lightweight and easy to install, our panels are suitable for any residential or commercial application.

Artificial living walls are also great for events! Learn more here.

So, why go artificial? Because you can have all the beauty of a real living wall without any of the placement or maintenance compromise!